Friday, February 4, 2011

Apologies, Questions, Confusion & A Project Sneak Peek

First off, I would just like to apologize for that little fit I threw yesterday. I was having a really bad day. I know things like this take time to become cool, but I’m one of those people who like instant gratification.

Thank you all for talking me down from a cliff. It really means SO MUCH. I actually got watery eyes from reading your comments. I know, I’m a sap.


I have a question for the Marine wives who read this:

Exactly what can I expect from the housing on any base? Like…roughly how big and please please please say I can paint the walls. I know we aren’t going to get into a huge place (the husband is only a PFC), but I would just like to know if I’m gonna have room to stash a tall bookshelf in the “master” bedroom.


I made an impulse buy last night.


Yup. That gorgeous dress will soon be mine all mine. I CAN’T wait. I definitely think it will be worth all the dough. Doe? D’oh? Cash.

My only problem is how much it cost. I’m thinking I may send it back, and then re-order it after we get our tax return.

But I would love to wear it for my Mom’s wedding in a month.

I dunno what to do. :[


I started painting the desk that I hinted at in this post.

Here is the progress so far:


I am so excited. It’s gonna look so super pretty when it’s done.

That’s just the hutch that goes on top of the actual desk. I have been using it as a bookshelf for the last 2 years, but when we finally get into on-base housing (two more months!), I am going to use it to store all my craft stuff in.

Painting it this color is definitely going to brighten it up, especially when I’m glued to my chair, painting my little heart out.

Ciao for now!



  1. Oh that dress looks awesome! You should post pics when you get it! Desk looks really pretty. I love that color....which is it?

  2. It's Tuscan Winds from Benjamin Moore. I am using a semi-gloss to make it a bit more reflective of light.

  3. I want to say all the things you keep painting. When it's warm enough to go outside. Em's dresser is totally getting a remodel, so I need to know the process to do it... but I'll worry about that in like MAY!
    And yay for you feeling better. MESSAGE BROOKE. I'll send you her email on facebook too. She'll talk to you, really she will. And she's awesome. I mean how many people do YOU know who's kids have star wars toys with them always (okay overlooking that my kids have a skeleton teddy and a plush Zombie- and of all things the silly creature is named Rob)

  4. Hi!!!! I live in base housing at Cherry Point, NC (hubby's a Marine as well) and our house is kinda tiny =( boooo. However, we do have four rooms and two bathrooms. We are allowed to paint the walls, they just have to be painted back to white before you leave...we never painted them, but I wish we had! I think the house is about a thousand square feet, give or take a few feet. It's enough for us for now. We are comfortable and we have two little girls and a dog. Let me know if you wanna know more!!!!!

  5. Hi! I'm Erin! My husband is a Marine too, we are stationed in Kaneohe Bay, HI and our housing is soooo tiny! We have 2 bedrooms and one bathroom and we live in a building with 4 other families. Typically the housing is based on your husbands rank, how many people will live in the housing and what is available. We have no children and my husband is a cpl., but I know some people who are higher rank and have 1 child and still only got 2 bedrooms. Most people don't live on base because the apartments or houses around the bases are cheaper and you can keep the extra BAH u don't use so thats a plus...however in HI we stay on base because the housing is just as expensive...$2500 for a darn 1 bedroom! We can paint our walls but they want them repainted back and if not they will charge u...booooo! Hope that answers your question! :) I like your blog!