Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Delete Or Not To Delete…

So. I’ve been debating with myself:

  • Should I delete my shop’s Facebook page?
  • Should I delete my shop?
  • Should I delete my blog?

I started my blog because I wanted to share my thoughts, feelings, and daily (or so) experiences being a Marine wife.

I wanted to share my favorite things.

I wanted to share my projects.

I wanted to make some real, actual friends who have the same interests, values and hobbies as me.

I wanted to meet some other Marine Corps spouses.

I’m not going to lie and say that I wasn’t hoping to get a large following. Heck. Even a decent sized following is really cool.

But…of the 35 people that follow…I don’t know that any of you actually read this.

Most days I feel like maybe I should just write in my journal instead of on here.

I have branched out. I do linky parties and blog hops. I comment on other blogs. I “like” things on Facebook. I made a page for my shop (and only a few of my friends have even looked at it).

Maybe I’m just not interesting enough.

And as for my shop…maybe I’m just not unique or good enough.

I dunno.

Sorry for the rant/pity party.



  1. I know I don't always leave comments. On most of the blogs I look at, I don't leave comments. If I have somethin to say maybe. But I read. I look at EVERY link you put up to your shop. I read every post in both your blogs. Your diet blog, yeah, it makes me feel bad because I am so not been able to do that....
    A lot of tiems people don't read or comment. I rarely get coments on my updates either, don't worry. Keep your blogs. Keep your shop. Keep being you Linz, you rock. I adore the person you are and reading about your adventures and seeing your crafts and your cooking. I'm not a marine spouse, sorry I can't help you there. But really send a message to Brooke, she could and would happily be a support for you in that way. Yeah she's in Cali, but she like you has small kids with a Marine who was absent during the early parts.
    You know my number if you need someone to talk at, just don't leave phone messages I never check them. Texts yes, voicemail not so much.
    Feel better. And really call me if you need to.

  2. I definitely think that you shouldn't delete everything. I say keep everything. I enjoy reading all of your stuff and I love looking at all the crafts you make. It makes me jealous I wish I had the time and all to do all of that. But I say keep it and if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm here. I know what you're going through with the whole distance thing with Cali, it sucks! So if you ever want someone to talk to I'm here :)

  3. Just for the record, I read but my life is on fast forward most of the time so I don't always take the time to comment on blogs that I read.

    Honestly, don't delete something if you enjoy doing it. It shouldn't really matter who comments and who doesn't or how much attention you get. If you are enjoying doing this, then keep on. If you just decided that none of it is for you, the shop, the blog, etc... then delete.

    Just don't do things to please others. Please yourself. :)

  4. I think we all feel like that somedays. But the truth is I read your blog and care enough that I don't want you to actually believe anything you just said. I think you are pretty awesome and in time you will grow to have a ton of followers who love leaving comments but until then you have us :) Don't stop doing what you love and enjoy!

  5. I read your blog and am a Marine Spouse. I just realized I am not "publically" following your blog! Shame on to change that! I would say keep it if you feel good about doing it. In the end everything in life you must do or not do for yourself!!

  6. I read & follow. I think like a bunch of people, I follow a lot of blogs and read but many times don't take the time to comment because it's a quick check while running errands, or before going to bed, or something. Sorry! It's not a reflection on you.

    Like Darlene said, it's your decision though. If you need to take a break or stop, make what decision makes sense to you. I hope you'll stay though :)

  7. As I mentioned to you earlier that I was sure you wouldn't want to here comments from your MIL. However, I do read everything you write. It is very interesting. Since you are a reader, I'd like to know what your absolute favorite book is and what you are reading now. Please don't delete your blog!


  8. I actually blogged about this same thing not that long ago. I too feel the same way you do. I am jealous of all these blogs that have a huge following and get tons of comments.... that certainly is not my blog. I just started doing blog hops and have gained a few new followers from it. I would LOVE to have you check out my blog. I will be following yours now ;)