Friday, January 28, 2011

I Think I Need To Make Up My Mind…

Yup. I have issues. I can’t decide on anything. I have officially changed things around…again.

The dresser isn’t done. It was pointed out to me that once Matheson is old enough to start climbing things, he would try and climb his drawers.

So, after much debate (with myself), I decided to go from this type of drawer pull:


to this:


I have a custom listing from PinkSugarCouture for ten of these hand-painted beauties. I’m so excited to get them. They are going to look amazing on the dresser, and in his room.

Another thing that I changed around was my wall decor for my master bedroom.

I was going to have this:


But after working for hours on one of the canvases and hardly getting anywhere, I have switched it up a bit:


Again, just a little bit more centered.

As for the other canvas, it’s going to be painted a lovely creamy-beige type color, and I’m going to put a nice, matching letter ‘B’ on it for the living room/hallway/dining room type thing that I have no idea how it looks. :]

Like so:


I’m also going to be painting my vintage desk/hutch, but that’s for another post.

Ciao for now!


P.S.: Don’t forget to check out my guest post over on Vintage Wanna Bee!

P.P.S: Matheson’s first tooth broke through today. :]

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