Sunday, July 10, 2011

[While Husband's Away] Journal and Photo Challenges

Husband left for Mojave Viper today. I'm distraught.

He'll be gone for just under a month (or so, it's all really on a need-to-know basis). But to keep me busy and distracted, I'll be doing some photo and journal challenges, as well as a [While Husband's Away] photo journal, which will have a photo of both me and Bear every day while Husband is gone to Mojave Viper and when he deploys to Afghanistan in September.

I'll be sharing some of the stuff on here, but if you want to keep up, feel free to friend me on Facebook, just make sure you mention you're a follower of Confessions of a Marine Wife.

Challenge prompt sources:
30 Day Journal Challenge prompts: Run With Scissors
100 Day Photo Challenge prompts: found on a friend's Facebook page.

And now, I would like to share our Day 1 photos from my [While Husband's Away] photo album:
Mojave Viper Day 1. Hat hair and cry eyes.
Mojave Viper Day 1. Bear and Seahorsey ready for nap time.
That's it for now.


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