Friday, October 28, 2011

[What We Did] Trunk or Treat & Followers Fest

So last night we packed up our truck and headed on base. Husband's unit (who is deployed) was holding a Trunk-or-Treat, and I wanted to have Bear experience something Halloween-y. The base fire department was there, too. Husband really liked that. :]
 In case you can't tell, Bear was a Jedi master. The firemen even gave him his own lightsaber. He was super sleepy the whole time though, and he started to get a bit fussy. That's what happens when he only takes one nap.

There is a fall festival on base tonight and another opportunity for dressing Bear up. I think I may even do something fun with my appearance this time. I love Halloween. :]


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  1. Little Bear looks sooo sleepy in the picture where he is holding his lightsaber! Really cute! Handsome guy, that Husband of yours!! I like his hat!