Friday, July 15, 2011

[What's Your Song?] One Of Us

I'm stressing. I'm angry. I wanna hit something. Or someone.

There's been a lot of girl drama here lately. I don't do drama very well, and it's making me wanna close myself off and ignore the world.

I know I shouldn't judge. But there are somethings in this world that I don't respect, and if you do those things, I don't respect you. Just how I am. How I've always been.

I tell people how I feel. I don't hold back. You want honesty, I'm going to give it to you.

But then I have to think...Who am I to judge you? It's not my job. I can't help it, though, if someone drags me into the middle of the situation.

This song is a good one for me, I think. It makes me remember to be more...I dunno. Better, I guess. If that makes sense.

Yes. It's Glee. I love Glee. :]

Here's to a better week.


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