Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Note To Self: Need Better Tri-Pod…


Sigh. I think I like it better when I have Taylor take my outfit photos. That way I don’t end up doing ridiculous poses (see second photo). Oh well…Plus, my tripod makes my camera tilt for some reason… :/

I can’t wait to get that wall in my room done up so that I’m not standing in front of the breaker box and half way into the kitchen.

Shirt: Charlotte Russe

Undershirt: *I can’t remember*

Jeans: Wally World

Heels: I got married in these. :]


  1. I need a better Tripod too. I've been propping my camera on weird things. But you're still looking faboulous!!

  2. Um, okay... i just have one question. WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT SHIRT? I have been looking for a shirt like that for i dont know how long!!! (the sleeves i mean!) I don't know what Charlotte Russe is!

    Oh, and at least you have a tripod! & you look great! :)