Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I <3 My Hubby

I love my husband.

He is such a goof ball. He makes me laugh.

I’ve hated all the time I haven’t got to spend with him. It’s hard. I feel like I’m torn in half when he is gone.

We were set up on a blind date by his roommate, who also happened to be in my painting class. Wait, let’s clarify: Taylor knew we were being set up. I honestly thought I was going to hang with Davie and a bunch of friends. Ha.

Our relationship has been everywhere. Literally. Since we’ve been together, we have lived in Utah, we drove cross-country to South Carolina and now, thanks to the Marine Corps, California.

He has put up with so much. I’m not the easiest person to be with, I’ll admit it. I end up apologizing a LOT. But he kisses my head, hugs me and tells me “it’s okay, darlin’.”

We were married after knowing each other for only a little over 3 months. We just knew that us meeting and falling in love…that’s what everything had led us to. It will be two amazing years on Friday (June 3).

I can be myself with him. That’s important.

I trust him with everything.

I love him with more.

He’s my hubby. My hon. My Marine.


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  1. I love these photos - you are such an adorable couple! You guys give me hope - if you can find someone so perfect for you, then true love is definitely out there!