Friday, May 13, 2011

Military Housing…

The good thing: I can paint. There’s lots of natural light. Fun, oddly angled walls.

The bad thing(s): The carpets are brown. The linoleum is brown. The walls are textured.


Let’s begin the tour, shall we?

First stop: The full bathroom upstairs.

bathroom 1

That’s all the counter space I have. I may go crazy. I don’t even have a drawer. :[

Close up on Husband’s razor, ‘cause I bought it for him.


My little shadow, Brigand, was ever so curious of what I was doing.

bathroom 3

Now, the view down the stairs.


That’s a lot less than the 32 I was used to climbing when I lived in South Carolina.

My key hook, next to the hall closet and front door. Very first thing I hung up in here.

entry view 1

Now for some views from the entryway into the ground floor:

Here is the living room, with a peek into the kitchen and dining room.

entry view 2

Notice our lack of furniture? Yeah. It sucks.

Now down our “hallway”…

entry view 3

A quick look at the “hall wall"…

hall wall

Our “dining” table (which I have taken over).

dining 1

And a quick peek at what I’m working on…

dining 2

Our neat little bar area. Thing.

bar 1

And another view…

bar 2

And last, but not least, our kitchen. Well…my kitchen.


Well…what do you think? What would you do to make this seem more like…I dunno…Home? Yeah. Home.

Ciao for now!



  1. How about a rug for under your table and one for the living room? Just a thought.

  2. Me will look so much more home-y when you get all of your pictures up and your art work. Oh, and of course, your furniture. Can't wait to see it when you get finished "creating." :)