Friday, May 27, 2011

Gushing, Sponsoring and Tweeting…

Okay, first order of business:

Yes. I have found a new awesome fabulous person to stalk.

Lacey over at lovey dovey handmade is totally fabulous. She makes some of the cutest stuff I have seen lately.

Like this…

And this…

And my personal favorite…

See? Cute. I wouldn’t lie to you. :] Go check her out.

Next item of business:

I am sponsoring a giveaway over at Elise's Pieces for Miss Elise’s totally fawesome birthday bash giveaway extravaganza. Y’all should go enter…because Miss Elise is simply…well…fawesome.

Final item of business:

I’m going to try the Twitter again. (Yep. THE TWITTER!) So, as I’m getting the hang of things, you will all just have to bear with me. Bare? Bear? Shrug.

Also, should I attempt the linky party again? Only one point seven five people linked up last time… Yes or no? Comment, people, comment!

Well, as it’s after midnight here, I’m off to bed.

Ciao for now!

1 comment:

  1. Lindsey!!! You are so sweet, thankyou for mentioning me in your blog! Also I am trying to get back into twitter for the sake of {lovey dovey} .... it is not an easy task as i don't particualarly like twitter :] But we should hook up on Twitter! @loveydoveylacey
    And I vote yes for a linky party... even if there are only 7 links, im sure they will be extremely awesome 7 links! :D

    I will be sending out a necklace for you tomorrow!!!