Monday, May 16, 2011

Color Attack

First outfit post in a LONG time. Been busy moving, which means I’ve practically lived in pajama bottoms for the last two months.

But last night, Taylor, Little Bear and I went on a date. So Mommy (or “Mama” as Taylor calls me, but he will argue that it’s spelled “Momma”) needed to get dressed up.


Little Bear didn’t like the feel of the dry grass, so I had to hold him.


This picture makes me look pregnant…I’m not. I swear. It’s just the unfortunate combination of slightly poofy skirt over tummy pooch, and I happen to be at an odd angle with my hip jutting out.


This is a rather unfortunate facial expression…Cursed wind…


There, that’s better. :]

I’ve been challenged by Nina over at Momma Go Round to try something new with my style…

See that bright pink bow? Yeah. I haven’t worn something like that in years. And even then, it’s never been that big or crocheted. Ribbons? I can do ribbons. Yarn? Never tried it.

Another new thing: Mixing 3 colors, instead of my usual 2. Pink, teal and purple. I liked it, to be honest.

What do you think?

Hair bow: The Semper Gumby Shoppe

Cardigan: Target

Undershirt: DEB

Skirt/Tights: Old Navy

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Bear’s romper: Carter’s via MCX

Bear’s bear hat: Becky's Baby Crochet


  1. I had to laugh at the mommy - mama - momma. I spell it mama, but both my kids who started calling me mama as ADULTS write it momma. (It broke my heart when they were kids and jumped from Mommy to MOM.) Just had to share that with you.

  2. So happy y'all went on a date! Both of you look cute! Hey, that's the first picture of grass that I've seen your way, no wonder Little Bear didn't like it, he's never seen it before! he he j/k

  3. hey that looks like the Dinosaur park on the base..... oh how my girls miss that park. My little one didnt like grass either at that age. (there just isn't much out there that is for sure)