Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy…

I’m ridiculously tired.

I can’t seem to go to sleep at a decent hour anymore, and then no matter when I wake up, I feel like I want to sleep for another 10 hours.

Nothing helps.

So when I woke up way too early this morning with a stomach ache, I just stared at the ceiling and debated about whether or not to reschedule Matheson’s appointment.

Unfortunately, he needed to go.

So I crawled out of bed, grabbed a handful of clothes off my closet floor, and this is what I came up with:


I like it, even though it doesn’t match AT ALL. Some people probably thought I got dressed in the dark this morning.

Also, I didn’t think through the weather thing…I should have grabbed some tights. Every time I went outside, my skirt tried to Marilyn. Not fun when you are pumping gas.

Cardigan: Kohl’s

Shirt: Victoria’s Secret

Skirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Journey’s

Headband: Vintage Wanna Bee Boutique


  1. Looks nice. Don't you just love Vintage Wannabe?

  2. rock it marilyn! ha, i keep trying to wear things that this freezing tundra just doesn't allow...sigh.
    i like the outfit, i think it's cool!