Thursday, February 10, 2011

It’s About Time…

Little Bear went to the doctor yesterday.

For the 7th time, I talked to the doctor about the amount that Matheson spits up.

Every single time before, he would just say “Oh, that’s normal for babies. Their bodies aren’t mature enough to close off the *insert random medical jargon here* so they tend to spit up. And he is gaining weight normally, so I’m not too worried.”

Please. I knew it wasn’t “normal.”

My baby has been spitting up since he was born. And not just spitting up. But projectile, gag-inducing vomiting.

He has never really had a good amount of tummy time because almost immediately, his blanket or play mat would be soaked. Every time he ate, it would almost immediately come back up.

I tried everything. Every different type of spit-up formula out there, plain formula, soy formula, and eventually goat milk. Nothing helped.

So, the doctor finally took in how concerned my mother-in-law and I were, and he finally wrote a scrip for reflux medicine.

How hard was that to do?

But, since Little Bear started taking it, he has only spit up three times (which is amazing). He didn’t need to change his clothes or even his bibs fifty times in one day (it’s actually happened).

I’m so beyond ecstatic, I really don’t think you have any idea.

He is even happy.

Ciao for now!


  1. WooHoo! That's a great thing isn't it? Ryker has to stay upright for about half an hour after eating or he spits up more and we can't have solid food and formula in the same feeding or bad things happen.
    That said my little man is an eating champ. Just today he ate a WHOLE banana AND a babyfood thing of sweet potatoes. ALL GONE.

  2. So this is going to probably sound totally insane but we were actually talking about that exact problem in my psychology class and you can actually condition his body not to spit up so much. If he's the kind of baby that sticks out his tounge before he does anyway. Everytime he sticks out his tongue and it looks like he's going to just squirt a tiny bit of lemon juice on his tongue and eventually the spit up will stop. Of course it is a much more complicated psychiatric explanation but i figure you don't want the long 5 page version