Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Sweet…Station

So, even though we will not receive orders until May, I have finally decided how our home will be decorated.

images 270-54_ivory_color_413_general Bright Red Suede

Not sure where we will be stationed. But I have already started the decorating process. Is that bad?

I even know how I’m going to do the decor come December.


I love snowmen. They are just so cute. Plus, I can keep them up until March. Yay for versatility. Lynne even bought me some snowman tea towels to get me started.

I think most of our decor is either going to be bought on Etsy, or handmade by yours truly. I have seen some really cute ideas out in the blogosphere, and I think I may just have to give them all a try at least once.

I even know which one I’m going to try and do first:


Except, you know, in the colors that would match the rest of the house. This little beauty was a guest project on Tatertots and Jello via the WhipperChicks. I just think it’s perfect for the kitchen/dining room area to hold photos, cards, etc.

Plus, you know, it’s simple.

I’m going to start on the new addition (“antique” makeover) for Matheson’s soon-to-be very own room this week when I get the supplies, and I will do before-and-after photos of said project.

I think I’m excited to move.

Ciao for now.


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