Saturday, December 11, 2010

Someone Is Spoiled...

And that someone is the husband. Basically, anything he wants, I let him get. I'm too nice.

For Christmas, he got a Halo Reach edition Xbox 360, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Dead Space, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, two new books, a new hat, some stickers for his car, and about $500 dollars worth of new clothes. Yup. He is spoiled. :D

But I guess I'm spoiled, too. He got me the first four Ultimate Editions of the Harry Potter movies, and a new necklace.
See? It's absolutely the one I wanted, too. Apparently, he got it for me before I even showed him it. That's how well he knows me. My man sure is amazing. :D

We have already done the Christmas gift exchange, since we are not sure if he will be home (his C.O. is trying to extend his R.A.), and it wasn't even a traditional "sit down as a family and pass the gifts around" type thing. Basically, when we decided to give them, we gave them. So it's been spread out over the last three weeks.

Little Bear even has most of his presents, but there are some that I won't let him have till Christmas, cuz I do want him to be able to open something (yeah, he is only 4 months, but I don't care. Ha).

Taylor and Matheson sure have bonded. I'm so happy. I was honestly worried, but I don't know why. They are so adorable together:

I love my Devil Dogs....

I'm such a sap. Lol.

Well, I'm off.

Ciao for now!!


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  1. First it's good to spoil him and here's hoping he gets more time and if he doesn't well at least he got more than just the ten days. Where does he go next? What's he training for?
    And if we'd had the money I'd totally have spoiled Ben. He's been eyeing a wii or a ps3 and I can afford neither. He totally wants the new red wii though. I'll be lucky if I can afford to get him the card set and movie he wants (and I don't have the heart to tell him that once I get it he won't have anythign left to spend on me).
    Yay for the new harry potter. I'd be cool with that, we still don't own any harry potter movies.
    As for the jewelry. Yay that is amazing. And how cool that he gets it for you. Do you know that I've been married for four years and my husband has never boughten me a piece of jewelry! My engagement ring was second hand from his mother and I bought both mine and his wedding rings. I keep trying to hint at him that I want something nice from him, I show him all kinds of things I like and he just will not take the hint, of course lack of funds helps in the problem. But STILL. Just sharing.
    You're fabulous Linz and you have a great family. Keep it up!