Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting To Know Me…

well, there is a linky party over at The Idea Room that I decided to take part in. So here are some fun little facts about moi.

  • I’m super scared of the dark. so scared, in fact, that when taylor turns out all of the lights, he has to hold my hand as we walk back to the bedroom, or else I freeze in place.
  • I never went through a girly phase when I was a kid. most of my friends growing up were boys, and it wasn’t until I had my baby 4 months ago that I actually started to like pink, ruffly things.
  • I never wanted to be a mom. now, I can’t imagine not having my little bear.
  • same with being a military wife. I always swore that I would rather be single than be a military wife. now, I’m so much more than that: I’m a marine wife, and I could not be more proud.
  • my husband and I were set up on a blind date. sort of. I had a class with his roommate davie, and davie invited me over one night (to meet taylor, but it wasn’t a “date”). Best thing that ever happened to me.
  • I have a little boy, but I love making things for little girls. I have a problem.
  • I love reading. I just have next to no time to do so.
  • I love looking at clothes online and imagining what I would wear with them. it’s a problem.
  • I spoil my husband. I buy him everything he wants, but when he spends money on me, I get mad.
  • before I met my father-in-law, I knew absolutely nothing about football. in fact, it bored me. now, I can be found during the college football season rocking my south carolina gamecocks gear and screaming at the t.v. that garcia needs to not be so stupid.
  • I love harry potter. nuff said.
  • I love making lists. to-do lists, goal lists, menus, shopping lists, etc. too bad I have to have eighty four red bulls in me to complete these lists.
  • I have seen every episode of “gilmore girls”.
  • I love coffee. my preferred coffee of choice is a soy caramel Frappuccino with no whipped cream. extra extra caramel.
  • I pronounce caramel “care-uh-mel.”. 
ciao for now!


  1. You don't have too big a problem. YOu have me Em would love frilly fluffy girly things, unless it's toys then you can find her in the boy section ogglign cars and sword fighting with ehr daddy.
    Love girlmore girls.
    Ahhh... I miss me my caramel mochiatos from starbucks... don't get me started on asian plum green tea okay.

  2. Haha, I also say care-uh-mel and ciao for now! interesting post.