Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crafty Crafty Me.

So I have been on a craft kick.

Currently, I'm making tutus for my nieces. Which means I'm making...8 tutus. Plus, I've made name boards for all the parents. So that's...8 name boards. Plus my nephews, so that's another 4. And my brothers and sisters, so there's another 6. And then there is the subway art canvas I'm making for my in-laws. I swear, everyone better love their Christmas gifts.

Now I'm making fabric rosettes. Because I apparently don't have enough to do. :/

But I don't care. It keeps me busy.

And they are super cute:
I'm gonna wear it in my hair for Taylor's graduation in 4 WHOLE DAYS!! Sorry. I'm a bit excited. :]

I've made three more of these little beauties and glued them onto three different tutus. That way the girls know which tutu belongs to them. :] So now I have 5 more to make, that way no one feels like they didn't get a flower. Plus, Taylor's cousin wants a couple of hair pins. 

I'm gonna go bang my head on a wall now.

Ciao for now.



  1. Your flower turned out so great!! Aren't they addicting? I love making them!