Friday, January 27, 2012

Deployment Update - Week 1

Husband is safe and sound in Afghanistan. safe and sound as he can be, I suppose.

We got to Skype with him tonight, and it was amazing, if not a little awkward.
It's a bit weird trying to carry on a conversation when he is surrounded by loud, obnoxious Marines. Oh well. I'm used to it by now.

It's cold there, he says. About 30 degrees. Brr. I can't even imagine, what with being in 29 Palms. The coldest it gets here is about 60 degrees. Woo. :/

He's going to be staying where he is for about five days to get integrated, then he's being transferred wherever he is needed.

Bear was super excited to see Daddy. He was all smiles and waves and "hi" and shyness. Now, however, he's sad, and hasn't let me put him down since we were done talking with Daddy.
I can't wait til we get on a better schedule for talking. All this constantly having my phone on me (for FB texts) and having the volume on my computer up at max in order to hear Skype ringing is getting a little old.

This last week has gone by both slowly and quickly. Slowly in the days seem to drag by, but quickly in that I can't believe he's already been gone for almost a week.

I hope it goes like this the rest of the time he's gone.

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  1. That is wonderful that he made it there safely! Found you through another's blog, I'm a Marine Wife as well! My 7 year old son was born there in 29 palms... I miss it there. Look forward to reading your blogs. Hope you'll follow back! :)