Sunday, November 13, 2011

[For The Baby] The Beginning of...

I've started something! Yay!

I found out the awesome news on Friday. Today (Sunday) I started my very first baby-related project.
I'm going to make the her (positive thinking :]) a blanket!

I'm going to use four colors: turquoise, red, grey, sage. 

The squares are going to all look like this one. Simple, basic. I'll be making (at least) one of these square a week in any combo of two of the four aforementioned colors. :]

On a slightly different note, I've had a request by a friend to do a tutorial for granny squares. I'll do it (I promise!), but I was just wondering if anyone else besides Miss Bee is interested?

Let me know!


1 comment:

  1. I like the teal/grey combo, and that the blanket could go for either a boy or girl. Also, I would be interested in a granny square tutorial. I'm thinking of making DJ an blanket when I am done with Sabrina's, and I'm thinking of using a granny square pattern.