Monday, August 1, 2011

[What I Did] 104.6

Today started off awesome. Good moods for me and Bear. Perfect lighting for pictures. To do list nearly done.

Then four p.m. rolled around. And Bear was warm. Too warm. I checked his temperature...
Yeah. Not good at all. So Becca and I loaded him up and took him to Emergency. By the time we finally got into the triage room, his temperature had raised to 105.3. The corpsman gave him some Motrin and Tylenol.

We waited, talked to the doctor, got him all checked out. Everything looked normal. No ear infection. Not teething. No red throat. Normal. But an hour after he was given the medicine, he was still burning up.

The doctor told me he wanted to get some blood work done.
We waited, Becca was asked to go to the waiting room...and the "torture" began.

My poor Little Bear was pretty much restrained by one corpsman while another attempted to take blood from his right arm. I say attempted, because Bear was SCREAMING and trying to pull his arm away. The needle came out, and blood started pouring out of his little arm. So the corpsman and I changed places, and he got it out of the left arm.

The whole time, Bear was screaming, looking at me like I was the one hurting him. He was calling for Husband, saying "Dadadada!" I was crying, I hated seeing that look on his face, in his eyes.

After they were done, they bandaged him all up, and we got to wait again.
My poor baby...I feel so horrible. We still don't know what is wrong with him. I'm so scared that it is something he picked up from me taking him out and about.

When we were finally able to leave, his temperature was down to 101.8. His blood work came back normal. I was told that if the blood culture came back odd, we would be notified. So far, nothing, so I'm assuming it's normal as well.

On our way home, Becca filled up my front driver side tire...only to discover that there is a screw in it. So tomorrow I have to go get that changed out. I'm so stressed right now. No fun.

Sigh...10 more days, and I will have Husband and Bear will have Daddy...

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry, for both of you! :( Kisses from Gramma!!!!