Monday, July 25, 2011

[What I Wore] In The Past

I haven't really dressed up for a couple weeks, but I thought that this week I would show you my style starting back in high school up to now, and how it's changed and evolved. :]

Sorry in advance for the ages jumping everywhere...
Age 17.
Age 17.
Age 17...or 18. Senior Year. :] With Mandeenee.
Senior Talent Night, age 18. With Tanner.
Halloween. Age 17.
Basketball game. Age 17.
Loved this outfit. Age 18.
"Hepcat Dress" from Modcloth. Age 20.
Age 19.
Age 20.
 As you can tell, I love clothes. Whether it's dressing up for Halloween or plaid pants just because, I love doing it...I need to start doing it more. :]

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  1. Love that it seems you've always had fun with fashion! It should be fun!!

  2. I love me a good costume!!! Hooray for fun!