Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Granny Square A Day [While Husband's Away]-Day 4 (Plus A Baby Hat)

Yeah. I'm totally keeping up with my project. Ha.

Day 4. Needs to be blocked and weaved. 6"x6" textured square.
 I used a size G/4.25 mm hook.

Don't you just love the deep, rich blue? The square ended up textured a bit (which makes me think I must have skipped a few stitches somewhere, but it was usually the middle of the night when I was working on this, so I'm not surprised). I like it though. Just enforces the "each one has to be different" rule I'm going with. 

Day 3 block pattern: Square 1 from 99 Granny Squares To Crochet.

Last night, I also took a much needed break from all things [While Husband's Away] and made a baby shower gift for an old elementary/junior/high school friend and fellow Marine wife.

Pattern via Oodles 4 Noodles.
I'm thinking of adding a big white bow, attached to a clip of course so it can be removed and put on a headband, etc.

This isn't the only thing she's getting from us, of course, but it is the only thing I'm going to show until after her baby shower in August.

That's about it! Tell me what you think!

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