Sunday, June 19, 2011

[What I Wore] Happy Father's Day

I'm doing a "Kurt."
Shirt: Wet Seal. Vest: Gift.

Pictures like this only happen in the hands of the Husband.
Today was a bittersweet day for our little family.

We celebrated our first Father's Day, plus spent the day just being together. Taylor goes into the field for the next two weeks.

There wasn't anything special that we had planned. Taylor got a hair cut. We went on base for lunch. Looked at some magazines and video games. Then we came home and Taylor played "Alice: Madness Returns" while I did some crafty stuff and Bear napped.

After dinner, we went to the park.

I'm so glad I've had my camera all day. I've captured some pretty awesome moments of and between my two favorite guys.


  1. Cuteness Happy Fathers Day TAY TAY! :)

  2. Love it!! I still have trouble seeing "grown up" pics of Taylor. It seems so foreign to me. hehe!! What a cute family you guys are!! Happy Fathers Day!!! =o)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing my baby with his baby! Looks like y'all had a good Father's Day!

  4. Hey wait! As I was taking a second look at the pics, I think I maybe it was a glare, nope it really is...a smile on Your pretty face!! No goofy face pic! Yay! :)

  5. Looks like a great fathers day!! Love your outfit! That vest and shirt are super cute!!

    I found your cute blog via momma go round

  6. Looks like you had a great day with your adorable little family! I love the vest... super cute!

    Found your blog via the bloghop <3