Monday, June 27, 2011

[What I Did] Wall Show

I've been a busy bee since Husband left last week. Even more so now that I'm in tip top health.

I tackled the walls this past week. We have been here 2 months, our stuff has been here 1 month, but I'm just now hanging up photos, etc.

Our living room gallery wall:
I love collages, if you can't tell.
That's a picture collage of Bear when he was just a widdle thing. The home quote I got from here. The number print I made myself.
I love these. I think it looks cool together. The pictures in the top frame, along with the upper right and middle right photos are from Bear's nine month photos, the LOVE print I found floating around on Pinterest. The middle left photo is from 2009. The other three are from Taylor's graduation at Parris Island. :]
Our "Proclamation to the World" we got from the Bishop who married us (and then became our Bishop two months later when we moved), and the Families Are Forever print I found here.

I've still got some more photos to hang up to complete this gallery wall. I'm excited how well it's turned out so far, though. :]

What do you think?


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  1. Love it!! You did such a great job, and thanks for using my printable! I love the color you chose, too. Gorgeous!