Monday, June 6, 2011

{lovey dovey} Review

So on Saturday, as I opened up my mailbox (stupid key, took me almost five minutes), I was so excited to see a package.

This is what I got:


The Uncle Sam bib necklace. My new bloggy BFF Lacey at {lovey dovey} made it. It’s so cute.


It’s the perfect size for a statement necklace, and the adjustable ribbon tie is great for when I want to wear it up near my neck or low like shown above.

And the navy and white buttons? Yeah. Super cute. :]

I know for sure that I’m wearing this on 4th of July, and maybe quite a few more times in between now and then.

Make sure you go check out Lacey’s Etsy shop. She has seriously so many cute things.

Even Harry Potter headbands.

Yes. :]


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