Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wrist…Catastrophe…Some Sort of Witty Title…

Well, another outfit post.

Although…this one is rather pathetic…



I have no waist, and I think this shirt makes me look like an inverted cow. Sigh…

Also, I couldn’t do my hair or make up because…see that thing on my wrist? Yeah. I fell down the stairs and sprained it. No lie.

Oh well. I don’t particularly care what I look like to go to the park. Besides, most of the time, I was behind the camera…


(Ignore the giant Mommy/Mama/Momma shadow…stupid sun)

Such an adorable Daddy/Son moment, no?

Shirt: Walmart

Undershirt: Shade

Capris and shoes: Old Navy

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lynz I am so sorry about your wrist, you and I can join the messed up moms club! My knee is all messed up, and I have to get an MRI to see whats going on :( Yippeee more medical drama for our fam! I hope you heal quickly!