Thursday, April 7, 2011

It’s Been A While…

Hi howdy hey!

Yup. I’m alive. Shocking, huh?

In the last three weeks, I have packed up most of our stuff, drove 2,400 miles in three days, and have settled down with Bear at my mom’s house in California while the husband finishes up his last two weeks of training.

I’m so tired. I miss my bed. I miss my stuff…I only have enough clothes to last for a week and a half (Tay and I thought we would be living together by now, not what’s happening), and I really just don’t like California.

The perks of living in 29: a gazillion antique, thrift and vintage shops. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to start scouring the clothing racks for awesome finds. Yep.

I turned 21. It’s not really that big of a deal, since neither Taylor or I drink.

Bear has learned how to roll over, and he can crawl…backwards. He popped out two new teeth yesterday (at the same time), except they are not the ones I was expecting. He now has his two bottom front teeth and his top eye teeth. Odd.

I can’t wait to find out when we get base housing. We should find out within a week, and then be moved in a week after that. I’m not quite counting on that timeline, since the Corps has a habit of messing our plans up, but it’s all I have to hold on to: in these next two weeks, I should hopefully get a house and a husband.

When that happens, I can finally start crafting again. I miss it. I’m so…bored. It’s sad…

Anyone who lives in or near 29 should tell me of any…entertaining things that I, as a Marine housewife, can do.


  1. Glad to hear you made it to Cali safely! I hope you get into housing sooner rather than later! I didn't realize 29 Palms had so many antique and thrift stores...happy hunting!

  2. Yay!!! You're back! I've missed your posts! Love YOU and Little BEAR!

  3. Yay. You're mostly back. I hear you on the teeth. Ryker is teething and the only hint of tooth I see is a baby molar in the way back. Kids can be funny. Yay for crawling. Ryker just started to sit up unassisted and heaven forbid you not put him down so he can do so.m
    And 21 is still a big deal. Last year my good friend Jess turned 21. Me and Em got to be there for dinner and cake then we got sent home so Sam could make drinks for those that do and spike those that don't, with the exception of my hubs since they all agreed I would have killed him.
    As for the move sorry. We moved last week. Still mostly in boxes and possibly the FIL will be staying with us a bit in two weeks.